Journey out - Wookmobile I hits the streets

Sun 01 Jul 1990

(date unknown)

After already having done 1,500 miles in the previous week (Cam -> Nottingham -> Settle -> Assynt -> Cam -> Poole -> Cam), the wookmobile was given a new set of points & loaded up with a million tons of gear & taken to Tonys to unload it all again & put it in his loft. It was then loaded up with another million tons of kit - removing all the rear suspension. Easy trip in convoy with Del - despite leaving all the packing to the last possible minute we still had an hour to spare at Folkestone & then were told to go to Dover anyway at 5.00amish. Went through France, Belgium & Luxembourg no probs - terminal sunburn on the right elbow!

Team old cunty crosses europe - loads of food thanks to Tina, lots of stops - all a bit relaxing really!

I changed cars at 8.00pm ish in Germany so Tina & Damage were in mine - unfortunately as it went dark it became impossible to keep track of them amongst the autobahn lights & we lost them behind a lorry or two. After much slowness & waiting in parkplatzes and getting lost trying to go back we gave up and carried on - getting the campsite at 5.30am. We rang Fearon the next morning & discovered from Mike TA that they were alive & well but stuck on the wrong side of border with wrong passports! (Where Damage doesn't look like Wookey much at all)

After mucho driving around they went for it & arrived at Sölden at about 5pm - a little miffed!

The wookmobile was attacked by a bus at the border but suffered only minor damage - another wing - only 2 more corners to do!

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    Journey out - Wookmobile I hits the streets