Fri 04 Aug 1989
Penny Reeves

Friday 4th August 1989

Team Eurotrain's journey out got off to a tense and exciting start when Tanya failed to rendezvous with the rest of us at the appointed time at London Victoria to catch the 1pm train to Dover. A very red and flustered Tanya finally jumped aboard the train at about 12.57 - and then the train finally left the station about ten minutes late anyway !

The rest of the journey went remarkably smoothly. A tip worth noting is that it is definately worth spending the extra money to book couchettes for an overnight journey. Mark and I did so, and arrived in Austria relatively fresh and rested (they even take your passport and ticket off you so that you're not disturbed in the night), whereas Tanya and Julian, who went for the much cheaper option of seats, arrived looking very tired after a disturbed and uncomfortable night bedded down with some Inter-railers !

Arriving at Salzburg station, we got onto a train for Attnang-Pucheim almost immediately, and at Attnang Pucheim our connecting train to Bad Aussee was already in the station.

The last stage of the journey was a very hot walk to Hilders, where we proceeded to eat, drink, swim etc. (we arrived mid-afternoon). Chris & Becka were already on the plateau (they'd left a note & Chris's startling purple tent - once seen never forgotten !) Mark D & Julian valiantly volunteered to walk down to town for some beer, where (luckily) they met Adam plus car to ferry them back up the hill.

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