Fri 04 Aug 1989
Chris Densham

Car having been bought in panic, we travelled across the unavoidable parts of Europe sans ownership documents, green cards, etc., ate bread, brie and wine, then trogged round a few classic German towns visiting Becka's cousins + lots of tourists (Pinkelsbühl is as sweet as it sounds). Got lost on way to Austria, so went to Jugoslavia instead. Paid £17 for lacking greed card - thoughts of cheap food, booze & sexBKA - but, shock, horror - campsites were £3-4 a night ! Campsites full of horrendous English touroids so, after a night sans tent in a forest with lots of creepy noises, we found a place called 'Logarskie Dolina' in Slovenia where campsites were with toilets but without people to collect money (another site got washed out as soon as we arrived - involving pissed off Dutch people in several feet of water, a happy English couple (us!) getting a free night on the floor of the Gastina over the road & some distressed children (also on floor of Gastina & one on top of the pool table !) whose 'mama' is downstairs enjoying a very prolonged session of beers.) Anyway, trogged around hills of Yugo, Becka carried the rucksack, Chris moaned about his knees but took photos & all & sundry enjoyed bonfire back at camp. Dragged heels back to Austria (Friday night) & lugged tackle up (Sat.) to 161 which was unfortunately still there (albeit somewhat smaller than memory sed). Avenger clunked around right hand bends back to base camp & beer (Sat night).

Becka's bit - Enthusiastically arrived a full 24 hours before _anybody_ else & worried we might be a week early, whilst buying in booze & being _well_-pampered by Hilde. Collected stuff we'd dumped on Hilde the week earlier, & managed 6 functioning light sources between the two of us. Scared off a good 10 other campers _all_ by ourselves ! Got back Sat night, after a day on the plateau & found a _heap_ (no kidding) of brain-dead CUCC + empty crate (after 3 hours _solid_ drinking !) of beer - _no_ tents up, _no_ food left, just a pillaged wreck of bottles ! Left to Hilde's, with Paul Ibberson & crony from LUSS, who'd had a memorable fortnight getting _v_ wet & snowed on - ha, ha ! _Lots_ of tackle-hauling & caving Sat & Sun. Pissed down (+ hail) Sun, ah, fond memories of ol'Osterreich. X

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