161 - surveying

Sat 03 Sep 1988
Del Robinson

Medium weather so easy trip to squeeze. A+D's first attempt at this phenomenon, varied + vocal swearing in + out ! Went right at bottom of ladder and followed main passage until end of Chris + Becka's survey at bottom of sandy slope. Surveyed from here down to first 3 bolts of pitch (ie. traverse line) Admired phreatic level, boldly stepped, and then ambled merrily down 50° sand + boulder slope. Not saying this section is very worrying but don't fart too loud. 'cos of a slightly slack start + lack of hangers, no pushing achieved. As usual surveying becomes cold + boring but soon boiling as outside reached. Good-natured weather starts to rain on us to cool us all down - how nice ! Bit of spectator sport as Mark F makes first entrance exit - jammer 1, gets it right first time, aah. J plays party trick with used carbide + closed container to give suitable finale.

P.S. rub point on 3rd pitch ~10ft below rebelay ?

Good times. T/U 7 hrs. see back for survey

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    161 - surveying
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