161 - chamber near foot of boulder slope

Sun 04 Sep 1988

After camping trogged over in rain to serious grade 3 change along with keenies Mike, Mark D & Hugh who had come up night before. All U/G by 10.00 am. Hugh only managed 1st pitch as already really hypothermic due to soggy gear, so retired gracefully to Loser Hutte & had to walk down as festerers all buggered off.

W & A down past squeeze v.quick (50 mins) went to push R.H. route. Rigged pitch amongst much freezing in non-bolting half & dead legs in bolting half. Pitch 35m, lovely freehang for 25m.

Falls into _huge_ chamber. near foot of boulder slope. Passages out at low end, rift out in boulders on top right. Wandered around stream passages for ages finding big (35+ pitch) & then got very lost trying to find rope amongst boulders, despite having checked once !! Eventually trogged out in 2 hours.

see map over

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