161 - Survey chamber at bottom of right hand route

Mon 05 Sep 1988
Jeremy Rodgers

Underground by 10.30 despite the weather.
- v. quick trip down to bottom (1½ hrs)
Started survey from top of new 35m pitch & Del managed to drop our only pencil down into the boulder slope from the rebelay. Thought we would have to come back out but by some incredible stroke of luck Jeremy found the pencil within reach in the choke.

Chamber too big to get idea of size without much more light, so spent ~2½ hrs surveying not really knowing where we were & eventually arrived back at pitch, much to our surprise.

Didn't have time for any detackling or proper surveying of side chamber (also huge) so made speedy exit. Del had problems at squeeze & vowed never to go through it again.

Jeremy (mug) took Boris up climb & 4th pitch before rope started exploding out of knackered tackle sack.

Proceeded out without serious problem.

Photo trip same day/ Derigging/ Next push (in 1989)

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    161 - Survey chamber at bottom of right hand route
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