153 - maybe

Mon 24 Aug 1987
Mike Richardson

Animal discovered what he thought was 153, even though it had no numbers, was 1000m from the nipple (rather than the 60m expected), yet it had a strong draught, had a panoramic view, as warned, and was beneath a boulder (surprise indeed !) But he had no caving gear. All summoned and me, the only one with gear, went down beyond the light and holes and pitches imagined. Lots of huffing and general descent to a strong breeze and a tight tight rift that I couldn't pass, backwards forwards, sideways or upside down. Wait for Jenny or Chris with narrower chests.

No particular climbs and the rift is parallel to a fault in the main rock.

It wasn't 153.

Next. (Look I'm the only one with caving gear today) Found various holes that breezed but were blocked, so with expectant wandering through thick bushes discovered a big entrance that tightened to a very small crawl (lots of scratched until oversuit was donned). Right angle turn, change to stand and change direction. This ran into a different passage heading left-right, right silted up, left a fair hands and knees crawl with virgin mud that again silted up (perhaps diggable, but to what I don't know). Half way back, a draught and squeeze that I couldn't manage but is perhaps possible - soon widens out ... go & see (and its harder coming back through the first crawl).

MEANWHILE back at the surface. David found a nice-looking hole v near the Nipple but it blocked after 20 ft ish (Has been known for many years, Mike M). Becca & Juliette found a _v_ drafty hole at the bottom of a little cliff near big ice-sheet which was well-henried and blocked. (Looked at yesterday by Keith and Mike). Jared crawled into it. David and Juliette found a POTENTIAL SHAFT - seems v. deep with water at bottom between blasted tree and ice sheet. Side of depression.

Various other holes were found to be blocked or found to seem too cold and left. One or two really ought to be revisited I suppose.

Where are they ?!

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