115 - Surveying

Sat 14 Aug 1982
Mike Thomas

Good late start, but not too inefficient down to Ramp. Survey went rather slowly. Like everywhere else in the cave, its a bastard to sketch the ramp. You can tell how slow progress was when two of us had time for 4 (four) pisses and one shit at just one rebelay. Surveying hurriedly (but not too quickly) out of the serious odour zone, we heard Pete & Andy coming up from below. Not wishing to collide part way down a rope, we waited and then carried gear for the deriggers to the entrance. Out in time for an aerial view of the fireworks. Rotten traffic jams in Altaussee.

6 hrs

Next surveying trip (same day and overnight)

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    115 - Surveying
    115 - Saturday / Sunday 13/14th [actually 14/15th, Ed.] 115 Surveying, Derigging, photoing, bat rescue, etc.