CUCC members and guests in Austria 1976 to present

This is a pretty much complete list of all the personnel on 40 CUCC expeditions (there was no expo in 1986), together with the total number of expeditions each has attended and the total number of people on each expedition.

Qualification for inclusion involves some active contribution to the expedition such as going underground, surface surveying, sherpa-ing, camp-shopping or diving for resurgences. Years marked in red indicate some certainty that the person didn't go underground that year. Persons marked in red are thought to have never been underground on expo at all. Note that diving in Altausseer See for the resurgence has been counted as underground:- it certainly counts as effort expended in the pursuit of speleology!

In the table, a section mark (§) indicates someone who was an individual guest of CUCC or of a CUCC member, or who was a member of UBSS or ULSA when they were present as guest clubs in 1981,1982 or 2008-onwards. We don't guarantee to have got all such people correctly marked. Similarly, the currency symbol (¤) marks those who are (or were) individual members of the local Austrian group Verein für Höhlenkunde im Obersteier. A face icon indicates a link to a mugshot (and brief notes) in our Rogues' Gallery. Just one of the listed members is a vehicle - no prizes for guessing which one without looking at the photos :-)

The table doesn't include the local cavers who have caved with us at various times. These include particularly Karl Gaisberger :-), Gunter Graf, Sepp Steinberger and Robert Seebacher :-).

Hugh Adams93952
Rob Adams§1112143
Michael Allen001
Craig Anderson961
Gunilla Andrée:-)961
Gavin Andrews851
Fernando (Fer) Arbaquero§111
"Jan Arnerdal"§901
Andrew Atkinson (Andy A)¤:-)919294959697990005070910111213141617
Joe Bache§1314153
Ken Baker§:-)801
Philip Balister§151
Jon Barber971
Rich Barker§811
Mike Baslington§:-)971
Phil Batten§96972
Steve Bellhouse:-)949596984
Katey Bender§14162
Stuart Bennett:-)040507123 + 1
Matthew Bent§061
Morven Beranek-Stanley§071
Olly Betts (Ol):-)909192949699000102040506071213151616 + 1
John Billings06072
Paul Bilton951
Steve Bishop:-)021
Jenny Black§:-)04050607121315168
Robert Bloodworth (Bob Bloodworthy)§:-)941
John Bowers:-)787980834
Holly Bradley§09111213145
George Breley§15162
Dave Brindle:-)8182833
Ian Brindle§821
Vic Brown:-)7677783
Jane Brown881
Hilary Bryden-Brown761
Cameron Bullen§131
Mike Burgess§:-)801
Chris Burnley§131
Chas Butcher:-)8182833
Mark Byers:-)001
James Carlisle§071
Andy Chapman§10112
Alex Cheesman:-)021
Pete Clifton:-)04052
Dave Collins (Scout)§:-)94952
Duncan Collis (Dunks):-)9596979899000102071110
Andy Connolly:-)79802
Andy Cooke§961
Adam Cooper:-)88899093975
John Cordingley§:-)891
John Cownie811
Mike Cox011
Alex Crow11132
Aaron Curtis0607083
Nat Dalton§:-)1415163
Spencer Davey931
Andrew Davidson941
Nicky Davies:-)78832
Anthony Day (Dour):-)939495969799000102030405070911121314151620
Julia Day (nee Bradshaw)§:-)9900010203040507091112131415168 + 7
Edvin Deadman070809114
Chris Densham:-)8788899697101314151610
Brian Derby:-)84852
Andy Dolby:-)82842
Mark Dougherty:-)88899091040715168
Sophie Draper141
James Eckersley951
Aled Elmore141
Tim Farrar:-)901
Simon Farrow:-)7778793
Andy Farrow:-)871
David Fearon (Damage):-)9092963
Mark Fearon:-)88899091965
Aggy Finn:-)921
Doug Florence:-)7882892 + 1
Simon Flower§:-)99002
Andreas Forsberg§071
Dave Fox7677783
Mike Futrell§1314153
Andrea Futrell§14152
Dave Galvin:-)931
Paddy Gaunt§821
Danielle Gemenis (Dan)§981
Clive George:-)929396993 + 1
Andy Goddard§891
Roshni Gohil:-)161
Judith Greaves:-)81822
Hilary Greaves (Hils)§:-)011
Martin Green:-)00010203040507091011121314151615
Ashley Gregg§161
Naomi Griffiths:-)831
Julian Griffiths77787980835
Julian Haines¤:-)9192939495969798990310
Brendan Hall§151
Paul Hammond:-)96992
Tom Handford061
Letty ten Harkel011
Pete Harley0607083
Ian Harris:-)911
Dave Harrison:-)761
Fay Hartley:-)001
Ralph Harwood§:-)94962
Jess Hatchett091
Sioned Haughton161
Jon Hauser§111
Bill Hawkswell:-)8489903
Adam Henry§111
Sophie Hentschel141
Matthew Hicks§961
Thomas Holder§111
Theo Honohan991
Kathryn Hopkins070809114
"Leif Hornsved"§901
Adrian Horrel111
Dave Horsley:-)9697003
Sean Houlihane94982
David Howes:-)8990923
Cat Hulse§11122
Rachel Hunter921
"Balázs Izapy"§961
Martin Jahnke0809103
Kate Janossy:-)9495983
Dave Johnson951
Dave Johnson (Stonker)87881 + 1
Tess Jones:-)930212132 + 2
Steve Jones9808093
Olaf Kähler11122
Matt Keeling:-)90922
Simon Kellet:-)7980813
Juliette Kelly:-)89909196975
Andrew Ketley971
Sandy Knapp§151
Julia Kostelnyk77802
Stefan Kukula:-)851
Andy Kuszyk§151
Pete Lancaster:-)81828384895
Mary Lane971
Fran Lane:-)9192963
Becka Lawson:-)878889969799000103040507080910111213141620
Carole Leach7677783
Jont Leach:-)7677783
Rod Leach7677783
Simon Lee§001
Dan Lenartowicz§151
Joe Lenartowicz:-)8889903
Sam Lieberman:-)9296973
Gill Lindsey:-)9192963
Dave Loeffler¤:-)02030405060711126 + 2
Jane Lolly811
Glen Long:-)921
Pete Lord (Petel):-)9394963
Fleur Loveridge131415164
Erin Lynch:-)991
Tim Lyons§80812
Fraser MacDonald811
Daniel Mace:-)89912
Olly Madge:-)0304050811126
Eeva Makiranta081
Tony Malcolm:-)7980833
Stefan Mark§111
Aidan Marks161
Mike Martin:-)81848587885
Gwyneth Martin881
Pat Martin§811
Amy Matthews§111
Sandeep Mavadia (Deep)§:-)061
Heather McAdam§941
Mick McHale§811
Mark McLean:-)9192963
Earl Merson:-)98990001020304058
Keith Millar:-)878889904
Ian Millar:-)8788893
Iain Miller§911
Ben van Millingen:-)787980834
Dave Milne (Lummat)§93962
Bill Miners:-)001
Janet Morgan:-)81822
Alistair Morris (Ali):-)9293943
Juliet Morse§9610142 + 1
Jenny Moss:-)87882
Chantalle Mouwer061
Richard Mundy071
Phil Murphy§891
Juliette Nash:-)87882
Viz Neogi§151
George North§071
Elaine Oliver1415163
Brian Outram§:-)9697989900010203049
Clive Owen§80812
Neil Pacey§991011144
Sarah Parker§151
Tim Parker:-)81822
Rob Parker§811
John Parrington841
Ian Peachey§161
John Pegler:-)991
Richie Perotton921
Steve Perry7780813
Mike Perryman:-)77802
Nial Peters:-)04050708115
Gareth Phillips09112
Mike Pigram (Mike TS):-)93942
Jacob Podesta§151
Serena Povia08122
Justin Powell§:-)921
Nick Procter:-)939596994
Claire Purnell:-)901
Roxanne Ramsay (Roxy)§151
Nick Reckert771
Simon Redhead:-)021
Penny Reeves:-)88899195965
Rover Richardson:-)8485878889906
Mike Richardson (Mike TA):-)8485878889909294959697990001091216
Rob Rignall§151
Del Robinson:-)888990914
Mark Roddick:-)85882
Jeremy Rodgers:-)888990964
Tony Rooke:-)90919296979900010203040507080914 + 1
Martin Sabry§:-)941
Hugh Salter:-)8890913
Michael Sargent1415163
Phil Sargent:-)82832
Haydon Saunders§161
Tanya Savage:-)899091994
Mark Scott:-)9091923
Chris Sharman:-)85882
Sue Sharman:-)881
Ben Shaw§021
Mike Shearme:-)781
Wayne Sheldon§011
Julian Shilton:-)9192933
Mark Shinwell:-)9900010203040506070810111213141613 + 3
Martin Sluka§:-)021
Alice Smith§161
Caroline Smith851
Chris Smith§10112
Elliot Smith§15162
Gail Smith:-)83891 + 1
Paul Smith:-)8990913
Noel Snape§091112144
Luke Stangroom§15162
William Stead:-)90972
Ollie Stevens0708093
Jess Stirrups08091112145
Theresa Stolle§11122
Beryl Strike§821
Peter Swain:-)901
Pete Talling§131415164
Jon Telling§99072
Bier Tent99000102030405060708091011121314151618
Paul Theobald§:-)901
Mike Thomas:-)828384894
Mick Thompson§9900013
Nick Thorne:-)777879804
Julian Todd:-)8990919396990003040708091011121314151618 + 1
Phil Townsend:-)81822
Frank Tully§:-)020304050708091012151611
Rachel Turnbull§151
Francis Turner:-)901
Helen Twelftree9496993
Phil Underwood§:-)9697989900010205060710
Natalie Uomini081
Jack Upsall761
Muff Upsall:-)761
Tim Vasby-Burnie:-)981
Djuke Veldhuis0708113
Lucia Vittorini031
Andy Waddington (Wadders)¤:-)7778798082848990939596981512 + 1
Michael Waddington§151
David Walker1415163
Hannah Walker121
Ian Walker09122
Julian Walker§811
Nathan Walker§15162
Stuart Walker1112133
Becky Ward:-)82831 + 1
Martin Warren§811
Matt Watson1314153
Rob Watson§14162
Henri Welbourne:-)91922
Sam Wenham14152
Jared West:-)8788903
Ben Whetton§151
Tina White:-)858889909296997
Sarah White:-)05072
Phil Wigglesworth:-)83842
Heather Wild§991
Jerry Williams:-)921
Jon Williams:-)911
Emma Wilson:-)05070911124 + 1
Robert Winkler§971
Wookey (Wook)¤:-)88899091929395969899000205070911121314151620 + 1
Ben Wright§151
Aiora Zabala111
Sarah Livia Zerbes§11122
Expo head count 9 13 14 9 15 21 14 14 10 8 0 11 21 27 30 24 24 17 18 16 40 21 13 27 23 17 19 14 16 20 12 30 19 22 12 34 23 18 28 35 31

280 people have taken part in expo altogether (not counting non-combatants or vehicles(!)), of whom 140 have their pictures on the site so far.

Although few take such statistics seriously, the most dedicated expoers are Wookey (Wook) (20 expos), Becka Lawson (20), and Anthony Day (Dour) (20). Mark Shinwell holds the record for consecutive expo attendance (10), but didn't actually go caving on all those, so this record arguably falls to Julian Haines and Brian Outram (9 each). A more obscure record was set by Wadders in 2015: longest interval between expos (17 years), except that he didn't actually go underground, so it may be shared by Mark Dougherty, Juliet Morse and Chris Densham, who have all returned after gaps of 13 years

Outside-expo caving has started, with Becka Lawson, Neil Pacey, Julian Todd and Wookey joining various Arge and VfHO trips in recent years. However, the much talked-about winter expedition/holiday has still not happened, though there is still a lot to be said for it. With draughts reversed in the cold, top entrances should be more obvious and skiing would make a nice change from sitting watching the rain. Some entrances would inevitably be blocked by snow but others seem to remain open all winter.