CUCC Expedition Handbook

Mark Dougherty

Mark Dougherty, (Sidney Sussex 1986-89, Tacklemaster 1987-88, Librarian 1988-89, Expo leader 1989)
Expedition 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991 - the first four years of Kaninchenhöhle when the original deepest points were found. The photo on the left was taken on the bottoming trip of Flapjack II at Splatdown. Mark was also underground rescue controller for Becka's rescue in 1989.

Mark returned to Austria in 2004, making several forays into Razor Dance in Steinbrückenhöhle. The photo on the right is Mark emerging from the Steinbrückenhöhle A entrance.

From 1990-1997 Mark was an active cave diver, making several discoveries in the Yorkshire Dales. He participated in the 1992 CDG expedition to the Guiers Vif in the Chartreuse and in 1994 passed the sumps in Labyrintgrottan in northern Sweden.

Since 1996 Mark has lived in Sweden and is currently tacklemaster of the Swedish Speleological Federation.

Photos © Mark Dougherty 1990 (left) and © Nial Peters 2004 (right).