Pete Lancaster or "Planc" (St. John's 1979-82, Committee 1980-81, President 1981-82)
Expedition 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984 and 1989. One of the principal explorers of Schnellzughöhle to its deepest point at 898m below the Stellerweg entrance. Returned briefly in 1989 to show the current crop of relatively inexperienced expeditioners how it should be done. Pete and a hand-picked crew stormed down Flapjack in two trips in Kaninchenhöhle to establish a deep point inches shy of -500m, which remained the deepest point of the cave until 1998.

Graffiti celebrating Plank ?? 9k jpeg Clearly, someone appreciated Pete, and one of our members appreciated it enough to record this piece of graffiti from a bridge far from a caving area...

Photos © ??, Mike Martin and Steve Roberts