Survex File: caves-1623/264/underexcitment

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underground survey length: 59.94 metres
cave primary survexfile caves-1623/264/264.svx
directory primary survexfile caves-1623/264/264
block underexcitment has parent block 264 (in file caves-1623/264/264.svx)
2016-06-29 ['underexcitment'] Survex files on this date:
Wallets on this date:
    2016#03 Fat Man Scoop ['plan2', 'notes2', 'notes1', 'notes3', 'notes4', 'plan1']
    2016#04 Crushed Plumbs ['notes', 'notes-1', 'elv', 'notes-2', 'plan']
Logbook trips on this date:
    Tunnocks - Set up Camp and Living the Dream
    Balkonhöhle - Dig Dug Pitch
    Balcony - The Kraken Wakes