Survex File: caves-1623/264/lower_balkon/prangman

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underground survey length: 32.22 metres
cave primary survexfile caves-1623/264/264.svx
directory primary survexfile caves-1623/264/lower_balkon/lower_balkon
block prangman has parent block lower_balkon (in file caves-1623/264/lower_balkon/lower_balkon.svx)
2018-07-17 ['prangman'] Survex files on this date:
Wallets on this date:
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    2018#09 Homecoming cave ['notes2', 'notes1', 'plan']
    2018#10 Tunnocks - mash mash2 hangman hangmansdaughter prangman ['hangmansdaughter', 'mash2', 'prangman', 'hangman', 'mash']
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Logbook trips on this date:
    Balkon - Wild Honeycomb shaft - The Hangman - Hangman's Daughter - Tunnock's Connection
    Balkon - Rigging Guide: Balkon Honeycomb Shaft -> Hangmans Daughter
    Balkon - Rigging Guide: Balkon The Hangman - Prangman
    Homecoming - Rigging Guide: Entrance - Wallace and Gromit - Second Coming
    Homecoming - Shallow lead push