Prospecting - Up to Homecoming from the Col

Sat 15 Jul 2023
Ashley Gregg

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Deciding I needed to get into this prospecting lark and find some new caves we kept an eye out for undocumented potential on our walk up to top camp. The intention was to walk up from the Col to Homecoming and then Garlic cave (also dropping off supplies). Janis GPS trailed the route (being vaguely sure of it having done it the other day). There were several confusing bits and many cairns which were mostly helpful.

The following caves were found on the way up:

  • 2023-ASH-01 47.68168N 13.80678E 1695m. Approx 8m shaft with snow at bottom.
  • 2023-ASH-02 47.68692N 13.80660E 1722m. Rift dropping approx. 8m to boulder floor.
  • 2023-ASH-03 47.69010N 13.80547E 1728m. Large rift of approx. 15m depth. Snow at bottom.
  • 2023-ASH-04 47.69176N 13.80512E (UTM33 5282733, 410338), 1721m. Small hole surrounded by bunder, drops approx. 5m with snow at bottom, can't clearly see bottom from top.

Entrance photos were also taken. (Note: These caves are all entered on website).

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