Fischgesicht Höhle - Find Wookey's lost data in Horrorbank and extend Mourning the Moths

Sat 13 Aug 2022
Eric Landgraf

Chris and I entered the cave with Rob, Max, and Nathan; the group stayed mostly togehter all the way down to Rob et al's camp from earlier in the week. There, we picked up the spare bolting kit and drill and made a beeline to the end of Mourning the Moths, where Chris and I were to start our survey. Then Rob, Max, and Nathan peeled off to their lead.

The pitches for Horrorbank were still rigged; it was an easy task to oversurvey and tie-in Wookey's survey for which he lost the first 2 shots. From there, we continued down the rope, to determine that hangers going further down had been pulled, and it was not where we wanted to go. So I got back on the rope on ascenders, and used the 1 skyhook we had to superman up a crack to the saddle seperating 2 adjacent wells, with a drill and bolts, and set a large "deviation" so I could pull Chris over.

We proceded to rig very stupidly down the next pitch (45 degree climb up the wall), surveying as we went. In the process, Chris asked me to teach him to bolt, so I walked through what good and bad rock sounds like, how wedge bolts work, etc. And had him bolt the next 5m pitch. At the bottom, the passage turned into a keyhole-shaped mud-filled tube of awfulness. And kept going and going. Continuing indefinitely was a possibility, but at about 1m x 1m in the upper part of the keyhole, and past our rough turnaround time (I had to hike back down the mountain in the morning, pack, and catch a train), we called it quits after 90m of survey.

On the way back out, we stopped briefly to bolt a sketchy traverse, to discover the drill bit had fallen out of Chris' rather perforated pocket on our way. Oh well. We stopped at the camp for some noodles, then grabbed all the steel (and the drill) and made a rather slow 4-hour exit. The other team got out of the cave just as we finished changing on the surface

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