Apis Medicus- Below Clap My Pitch Up

Sat 13 Aug 2022
Rob Watson

[Missing logbook entry for Cpt Chris & Eric trip ?]

Trip began very efficiently due to Captain Chris and I deciding not to partake the evening prior & due to pre-trip packing the evening prior.

Underground by 10am after a relaxed breakfast. Quickly down pitches & arrive at the (illegible). Show Chris & Eric the start of the survey at Mourning The Moths then headed off to continue bolting down 'Clap my pitch up'. Chose to name the passage 'Bee Doctor' [Apis Medicus] (in latin) after Keiran's antics on Wednesday where he attempted (succesfully) to save a drowned be (and was then stung by a different bee). Hopped down a traverse then down a very impressive 50-60m shaft to a very bouldery collapse chamber from which a muddy meander passage was heading nearly due south. We surveyed dilligently along this until we reached a watery impasse (3m drop, (illegible) without getting soaked) just beyond a drippy inlet (suspect this passage is not ideal in wetter conditions, considering we are in a drought it would appear this is probably wet often especially as we expereinced much drippier conditions in 'clap my pitch up' during its exploration eariler in the week which we disliked). However it was only just 6pm at this point & we felt it premature to leave, so I lashed some dyneema around a thread then attached some slings to that & we made a highly japist descent, only to discover that just around the corner the water plunged down a further 10m pitch.

Back to the big pitch for the drill then Nathan had his first go on the bolts to drop the climb of pitch on the last of the nice 8.8mm rope which we cut from the base of the big pitch (felt bad). This done we rounded another courner, with the passage becoming ever more meandery & shit, only to discover that a further ~10m pitch lay just ahead. With no further drill batteries, rope or enthusiasm we decided it was time to head out, derigging the lead as we went.

After a stint in my group shelter, I took the full rope bag & Nathan took over derigging from Max while we headed off to make noodles. This done we began to head out. Nathan & I arriving at the surface shortly after Eric & Chris at 2am. After waiting till 3am for Max we then began a slow plod back, only to see his light emerge when we had just arrived at the convenient viewing point. Happy days! Curry & cous cous were very welcome. Then Chris, Max & I partook in a very fine moon & stars before turning in at 8am.

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