Homecoming - Derig

Wed 24 Jul 2019
Becka Lawson

I'd phoned down to Base Camp for fresh troops last night but little enthusiasm and we gave Jon Toft a hard time (as the only one who'd been to Second Coming this year) but no joy. Fortunately Manfred had turned up and Mike was willing plus Corrin and Ruairidh volunteered to walk off the gear we'd got to the entrance last night. We all went to the traverse in the Second Coming to check for stuff to derig (in one bag) then derigged the entrance series fairly slickly (~4 bags). The hardest bit of the trip was the walk down to the car park with monstrous heavy bags in searing heat + zero water (I was eating snow). At the col we met Jon and drained his litre of water.

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    Homecoming - Derig