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Sun 14 Jul 2019
Daniel Heins

Blog Post - Reply #5 on: July 14, 2019, 01:16:07 pm

As Crossley stated [in previous UK Caving blog post], he, Dickon, and I rigged to the pushing front of Heimkommen on July 10th.

Dickon rigging the entrance series

On a second trip (July 12th), Andrew, Crossley, and I went down to investigate the leads and improve the rigging. The air blows strong, and many bolt holes were drilled, though a miscommunication left the actual bolts behind, to be placed another day.

Crossley concentrating intensely on drilling holes, dust blowing away by the power of the drafting cave.

The way onward continues along this long rift, to a section of beautifully decorated passage, and onward to another long (and slippery rift) in need of more rigging. The air blows strong, and a large chasm calls for dropping.

Andrew looking at a wonderfully decorated section of passage.

Weather has been a bit rough thusfar, but we are heading back up to top camp this evening (July 14th) and hoping for a return to good weather to push a number of exciting leads in Homecoming (along with a fair bit of rigging to add and tidy).

Dickon and Crossley returning to the col from Homecoming
[ Blog Author: Mr Dinwiddy 2019-07-14 ]
Am I the only one who can't see those images? I just get a small blue icon with a question mark within.
[ Blog Author: wookey 2019-07-14 ]
Nope. They are images on a googleusercontent page that says 'this is a priviliged page'. No use for posting on a forum like this. (I worry a lot about images referenced here getting lost over time unless they are carefully put somewhere that will last - like on the expo server which does a reasonable job of keeping things for 40 years.)
[ Editor (Philip S):
the images have now been rescued from a later post and put back here where they belong. They have been re-sized and brightness-corrected. And yes, they are now archived together with the rest of the digital logbook and so are good for another 40 years.
[ Dan: 2019-07-19: I fear that these show up a bit oversized if in line, but alas I have surveys to draw up so fixing that is on the backburner. ]

[ Blog Author: Mr Dinwiddy 2019-07-19 ]
Thanks Dan, I can see them now. The above ground shot is great and gives a real sense of where you are. Keep the reports coming- they are welcome.

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