plateau - Finding Dickon

Sat 13 Jul 2019
Philip Sargent

Call from Harry's phone at 15:10pm saying Harry and Reuben went to top camp to then go to homecoming while Dickon went straight from car park to Homecoming. Harry and Reuben at Homecoming and can not see sign of Dickon or his stuff – plan was to meet Dickon at entrance or just inside Homecoming.

Harry and Reuben cold and wet, inferred they called from Homecoming Dickon's location was known

Summary at around 15:50pm:

  • Harry and Reuben at Homecoming
  • Dickon unknown
  • Nat, Dan and Becka heading to Plateau initially likely going via carpark to homecoming
  • Sarah heading to car park and staying there
  • Michael S., Michael H., Michael W. B., Corin and Phil at base camp
  • Tom, Rhairidh, Paul and Sam at spa

15:53 - Phil Sargent trying to ring Reuben and Harry every couple of mins. Rang Tom and Rhairidh to inform them and get them back. (Fleur, Pete and Aileen on a drive to see the area)

16:07 - Pete, Fleur, Aileen back, Phil sent Sam text by Phil

Plateu team took tea, layers, sandwiches, first aid estimated they left base camp at around 9:10am

16:15 - Becka calls base and cut off

16:18 Sarah calls base, others setting off.

16:32 - Reuben calls base (on Harry's phone) But gets out cave.

16:35 - Texts received from Harry. They are waling to carpark confident Dickon is not in cave.

16:40 - we text Nat, Becka and Dan to tell them Reuben and Harry are on way back to the carpark

16:42 - we text Harry - told them that Nat, Beca and Dan walking towards them; Ask to clarify why sure Dickon is not in cave.

16:43 - Text from Harry. Waling back and shouting for Dickon. No rucksack at/near cave hence confident Dickon was not in cave.

(GPS at Homecoming cave. Entrance P2018-DM-07. Lat 47.6943N. Long 013.8053E)

17:02 - Becka calls base. During Becka's call a text from Dickon also came in saying “I'm Ok”. Becka, Dan and Nat now continuing along track to homecoming to intercept Harry and Reuben on that path. Say less than 10m visibility.

17:15 - Michael set off to drive to car park to collect other cavers

17:26 - Becka called base. She has everyone Dickon, Harry, Reuben, Nat and Dan. They are half an hour approx. from car park. Request to call Sarah.

17:29 - base calls Sarah to inform her that Dickon and Phil a way back and Michal S on his way, but now not needed

17:48 - Michael S rings from carpark and is updated on above progress of rescue party

18:45 - All cars back from Plateau

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