Balkon - to Mongol Rally

Thu 26 Jul 2018
Olly Hall

I found my second descent of Balkony to be easier than the first. Becka and Luke headed down aghead of George and I to Pitstop to survey that aven while George and I surveyed the rest of Mongol Rally, starting at the ledge we ahd previously bolted and surveyed to.

We stopped at Pitstop so I could eat a Fitness bread and cheese while George said how terrible Fitness bread was. We then went and met Luke and a cold Becka before heading down, agreeing to head back at 5 or 6pm.

I continued marking stations for George to the bottom of the Mongol Rally. We then surveyed bottom and George pointed out where Becka had stopped him and called him evil on their last trip. Beyond this point was a large aven. The only way on we could find was alonga large phreatic, mud-filled passage (still mostly walking). We found a bat which surprised George who thought we'd left the bat level. We turned round when a sketchy mud slope/pitch which required a rope.

Met Luke and Becka at Pitstop for the journey out.

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