Tunnocks -Setting up Camp Kraken (Tunnocks)

Thu 19 Jul 2018
Anthony Day

The plan was to get all the gear to camp so that we could spend the night there. I rerigged the top half of Number of the Beast with the rope left at Usual Suspects whilst Luke battered his way in with two big bags. Luke then proceeded to rig Infernowhile I bagged up the camping gear.We didn't have enough dry bags for all 3 pits so one was left in a bin bag at the topof Inferno. After a bit of shuffling the rest of the gear made it to Upper Kraken. Luke rigged the Kraken pitch and I followed.

The tent was very damp but not mouldy. There was a bit of slime in the water collection Daren drums. Luke set about drying out the tent using much of our bog roll. I started rigging Tentacle Traverse including putting a couple of extra bolts in the slimy part. Rigging Infernoand Kraken had required more hangers than stated in the rigging guide, mostly due to some of the rebelay bolts having been climbed up. As a result we were a little light on hangers, and I got as far as the little drop before running out.

By 19:30 wehad completed all our jobs. Since it was nowhere near bedtime, we decided to cook up a curry and head out. Apart from horrible jammer slip on the Kraken pitch, Iexited without incident. Luke's footloops snapped on the Kraken pitch, so he had to come back down to replace them with a sling.

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