Balkon - to Honeycomb -> Hangmans

Thu 19 Jul 2018
Becka Lawson

After acrack of 11:30 start we had a steady descent to the bottom of Hangman's then added a 2nd bolt to give a nice,non-rubby Y-hang downHangmans to the connection we'd found to"fecking tight" in mid-level Tunnocks on Mike and George's last trip. We explored and surveyed the 2 leads there.

The hole in the floor joined the pitch down which I rigged some huge spiky boulders + an overhanging mud floor. We derigged+ George pulled through on the ring hanger at the top of the climb at the end of Hangman's traverse.

George looked at the tube at the top mud slope half way along Hangman's Traverse + asked for a drill so he could put a rope on it but I'd already snaffled the drill to bolt up the mud + boulder slope further along Hangman's Traverse ("Snail Trail") so he had to down climb.

I made slow progress (hence the name) + finally gave up + asked George to do the final climb over a wedged boulder only for him to find an easy thrutch up on the right side. From here we were in narrow, deep rift. I rigged a traverse + short pitch to a horizontal rift.

Philip headed out whilst George & I surveyed horizontally into the draft until the passage narrowed to face-sized. The next day we dropped the Snail Trail pitch series here from the far side of the Snail Trail Traverse. The whole area is cold + drafty but it wasn't clear where the main air comes from. George pulled out Luke's Hilti fromt he RHS final Y-hang on Honeycomb pitch - it only seemed to have set on one side.

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