Balcony - Nothing to See

Fri 28 Jul 2017
Ashley Gregg

After hearing about Luke’s many QMAs I decided to join him on a trip down Hilti-a-Plenty to ‘Nothing to See’ just below Bat Country. Kristian and I crapped out 2 QMAs whilst Adam bolted a pitch, being supervised by Luke. One of our leads went for ~20m before ending in a little chamber. The other went to a large which could link into Galactica.

We then took some pictures of ‘Dinosaur Bones’ found by Kristian which looked and felt a lot like rocks. Then we went down to the pitch that Adam and Luke had rigged and surveyed it. This ends in a rift that also looked like it connected into Galactica.

Deciding that we hadn’t yet done enough caving we then went to another pitch lead, starting with a dodgy free climb which we then put a handline on. Kristian began rigging the pitch. Two of us went down a tight C-lead which popped out halfway down the pitch. [UNTRANSLATABLE SENTENCE, PROBABLY NOT EVEN IMPORTANT]. Then in a very tight bedding heading toward Galactica which I decided was too tight after a dogleg. We then reconvened before the batteries died on the drill. Left the rope and [OTHER HORRIBLE WORD]to cave back to find the pitch Kristian started. The prussik out was long but efficient, with Kristian taking a bit longer due to the ‘bones’ he decided to take out. Still a fair bit to do down here.

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