plateau - Prospecting, 110 area, day 2

Sat 29 Jul 2017
Rob Watson

Tempted back by that sweet, sweet draft, this time with a drill no less as the only good rock at the pitch in 110 was in the ceiling and placing hand bolts in a ceiling was beyond my stoke remit. Bolts were placed and a descent was made. After a look around at the bottom, I frustratedly concluded that the ‘dig’ in the chamber which had been described would be a major operation and unfeasible without a lot of time and materials.

I summoned Luke and Becka in, with Luke complaining substantially about the misery and shitness. Survey done, we headed out and again had lunch. Further prospecting then again failed to reveal any alternative ways into the cave, after looking south-west by around 200m from 110. Two shafts were dropped, [2017-21] (tagged CUCC-2017-21, GPS’d, surveyed) and [2017-22] (tagged CUCC-2017-22, GPS’d). 21 was a pitch of around 15m leading to a breakdown area at the bottom with no way on. 22 was of good novelty value as it was filled with ice and snow at the bottom of a 7m climb, where a small gap behind the back of the snow plug could be slid down. Nothing at the bottom though.

Slightly dejected, we started on the walk home. En route we found some excellently drafting holes after deciding to divert from the cairned route. We did a quick dig in one to find a large passage which led to a smaller diggable passage. I then explored the other entrance for ~20m in shorts and t-shirt to a very loose climb down to large walking passage. In light of these excellent prospects, we decided that the area merited another visit the next day.
[Ed., renamed caves to current use.]

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