16-JB-01 Dirty Snow

Mon 18 Jul 2016
Jenny Black

Weather wasn't great, so we had quite a slow start. Headed back to 16-JB-01 to look at Olly's new lead. Again we started the rope at the ledge, but went down further along, then Olly went to the northen end of the cheesey chamber and over a rock bridge to a rift. The end of this dropped down to a very dirty snow cone, with deep drip holes. Firstly all looked south, and saw two tight rifts dropping in (the ones we were the top side of on the 9th). To the East was a short passage heading off which quickly ended. Traversed round the west of the snow, underneath is a layered snow plug, so presumably it has been here for many years. Passage continued to the north through a squeeze, through some rocks and up a climb. Although there were a lot of boulders and collapse it felt fairly solid. Decided that we couldn't get further without gear. Surveyed out.

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