Tunnocks - Camp Kraken, Song of the Earth + Derig (Downstream)

Mon 18 Jul 2016
Katey Bender

To be read in conjunction with Fleur's report...

While Fleur and Peachey headed to the uphill lead, Elaine and I went down to the lead advertised as being a 2m wide rift with a howling draft, reached by a massive chamber with a mountain in it! Wow! As it turns out, the chamber was similar dimensions to the rest of the preceeding passage... okay. The sandy crawl was rather less drafty than advertised, but drafts are fickle, right? Three survey legs later we reached the end for that day. A 6m climb up lead to an upward sloping phreatic passage with a mud/water channel in the floor. The climb was a bit neeky for -900m and Elaine didn't fancy it, so I marked the final station and climbed down. The continuing passage we called a QMB and it will likely need some bolting to progress - steep incline + slippery mud = sadness. The climb up will also need bolting for any handline/rope. That done, and slightly disappointed, we headed out to meet Fleur and Peachey.

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