Tunnocks, West Side Story – "Clayton’s Cock-up"

Tue 13 Aug 2013

After a day of research following the expo dinner I had spotted a QMA at the end of West Side Story at String Theory/Fellows level. The survey notes reported an undescended p20 with a passage visible beyond. My plan was to take Tom down there and get him bolting.

First task was to find the way. Initially we searched above the climb up from the balcony, but eventually I realised we needed to go back down. This led to the correct little hole and some sporting climbing and thrutching before we reached the lead. It looked good. And bloody drafty. Tom set off bolting but dropped the hiltis part way across… traverse immediately called ‘Clayton’s Cock-up’. We would need to return.

On the way out checked out 07-38C and 07-39C in Dubious Pleasure. In 38 I squeezed between blocks to small chamberette. All ways on choked except a blind aven. 39 was a small rift which I thrutched down for several body lengths before it closed down.

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