107 Wonderland

Mon 05 Aug 2013

By the time we had dried our gear and got sorted it was way too late for a long trip into sleepless, so we decided to look at some of the other leads in ropeless and to tie together some survey loops. Headed into the end of the traverse that leads into ropeless. Dropped straight down here and did some loopy bits to connect stuff.

Headed to the passage directly above the 1970’s rift and dropped down to tie the surveys together. There are now no leads here.

Went back along ropeless towards the passage heading to 76. I spotted a roof tube which I climbed up into. It reconnected a few meters on, but then continued. We followed the passage up until it rejoined where the rope comes in. Surveyed back.

Went to the lead towards 76. Clambered down and then traversed along at a widening above floor level. It was tight at first then became more keyhole like. The floor/rift trench turned off to the right and the phreas (which was getting bigger) went straight on. Followed the big phreas called Wonderland. We got to a couple of junctions turned right each time (towards 76!). Eventually the passage got smaller and full of soil.

Surveyed out until we realised we were tight for our callout, so left the last bit for later. As we went out we noticed a lot of insects. I think they were dead. It was a bit spooky. Left the drill ready to carry in further tomorrow.

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    107 Wonderland
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