107 - Sleepless and The Coldest Place in Earth

Sun 28 Jul 2013

Took the drill and rigging gear in, Olly removed some more rocks from the squeezy bit (pushing the envelope) and we realised that we could bypass the first squeeze by being high up. Olly then put in a rope as protection on the slither down, this made me happy because there is quite a pitch below and we removed quite a few of the footholds last time (to clatter down the pitch).

Went to the pushing front and rigged over the pitch, following the draft. Shortly after the passage made a sharp right hand turn into passage that was much more phreatic in character ~2m wide. We then hit another rift was also strongly drafted, doubling the strength of the draft in the passage heading for KH – it is seriously cold and windy. This is “The Coldest Place in Earth”.

There is a short drop which I traversed over to see another pitch (not free climbable) immediately beyond. So we went back to get more rope and Olly rigged it across the traverse and down the short pitch to a gloopy muddy pool below. We continued along the rift beyond, which headed fairly persistently east. We stopped when another pitch blocked our way on. This looked like a longer traverse was needed then we had rope for. We surveyed out getting colder and colder as we went.

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