107 – Rigging + connection to old route

Wed 24 Jul 2013

Back into 107 with a bit more rope. Olly rigged the next pitch – I am impressed that he got a clean hang here. Landed in an aven chamber with a big boulder. Evidence of people. We followed the rift on and concluded that it was the 1970s route. Followed the walking size rift to the pitch at the end and surveyed out from their hang bolt back into ropeless, derigging as we went.

Back in ropeless Olly rigged along the traverse with more rope and more hangers than last year. Instead of the free climbed traverse at the end we dropped down to a ledge off to the left. This led to two short segments of passage each of which ended looking down on the big boulder in the aven chamber seen earlier. It is increasingly looking like a lot of cave in a small area! We were cold and didn’t want to miss our call out so headed out leaving the survey for the next trip.

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    107 – Rigging + connection to old route