Pushing into Rope Free

Thu 25 Jul 2013

First we tidied yesterday’s survey then went up the short pitch to the ledge, down the other side and up into the main Ropeless passage. Headed towards the northern lead. On a sunny day like today there is a very strong draft from here, cold too.

Got to last year’s pushing front and followed the draft descending short climb/pitch to a ledge with two ways on. Took the RH way with the draft down a rubble slope. Lost the draft part way down but I diligently poked down to the bottom through the boulders until it got too tight. I reckoned that we lost the draft to a window part way down the slope. Olly clambered across, to get into passage the other side. He accidently let the rope drop back down to me leaving him ‘rope free’ hence the name. I threw the rope back and Olly put in a bolt.

We clambered down the other side into a drafty chamber. A too tight hole in the floor is the source of part of the draft. The rest seems to come out of a tight rift. We surveyed the chamber and the passage going off for a bit but we were both very cold. I decided that we were too cold to survey as thoroughly as I felt the chamber warranted, so we decided to return tomorrow.

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