258 - Pitch at 39 steps

Fri 17 Aug 2012

It was Rob's last caving trip, so off we headed to the chamber that Andrew & I had surveyed the previous day. The aim was to climb up the 'easy' climb to the window up the northern end of the chamber. The climb ended up not being as easy as expected & an hour later Noel was finally at the top, with two very cold cavers at the bottom. Noel rigged a pitch down & Rob & I went up to have a peak. As this was to be a short caving trip (as we were to walk down the hill that evening) we had a very quick look. I declared it a death trapped - another slope of death boulders. Rob had a quick peak up slope - which he stated was choked - hurrah. A small tube at the head of the pitch lead to a soil-filled tube-dig. With limited time we abandoned surveying & the derig for another time.

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