204e Pingu pitch

Wed 03 Aug 2011
Olaf Kahler

Returned to Pingu pitch with a drill and Gareth. While Gareth, Fer and the drill went down to the big new pitch from the day before, Aiora and Olaf put in 2 more deviations to the lower end of Pingu pitch, to avoid rubbing ropes and to practice hand bolting. Later on, Gareth came up with drill, while Aiora and Olaf went down. A deviation and rebelay later we arrived at the bottom of the pitch, which was rather dissapointing. The trickle of water disapeared in a puddle and the passage was desperatly narrow rift bit filled with rocks. Surveyed on the way out and derriged the whole pitch series. Unfortunately got stuck at the last rebelay, so we left one tackle sack full of rope and rigging gear behind to be picked up another day.

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