Tunnocks - Leaky Chamber - Bob on

Sat 30 Jul 2011
Neil Pacey

Returned to Leaky Chamber to start bolt climb, Andy climbed initial 5m climb with 3 through bolts, etriers very useful, at top of 5m climb another short climb up led to third 4m climb. Aven appears to continue for another 10meters or so, placed final bolt and left all climbing gear insitu, still need to climb another 10-15m or so, until we are at the same elevation as "Where O Ware" in Steinbruckenhole, hopefully we will get some horizontal development. Noticed passage leading off, after short traverse over the pitches. Followed sandy crawl up steep incline, to walking sized passage, ending at a balcony over large chamber. Shot disto leg of 27m to far wall, and 15meters down to floor. Surveyed from the balcony out to Leaky Chamber. Made our way back out of String Theory after a nice cup of "mint madness". Very satisfying trip!

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