Tunnocks - String Theory

Wed 27 Jul 2011
Neil Pacey

Quick trip as far as String Theory, continued rigging down the 100m pitch, had difficulty finding last years bolts. Finally rigged pitch, Andy and Rob sheltered in bivy shelter. At the bottom made our way back up the balcony climb to "Leaky Chamber", limit of last year, all climbed down tight rift and looked at potential climb up, looking very good can see up 10meters to a scalloped roof. Rigged a traverse line to bypass shite rift and placed both at bottom of climb. Left climbing rope and etriers in situ, ready for next assault. Made our way back out. From the survey "leaky chamber" is approx 26meters vertically and 5m horizontally away from "Where O ware" in Steinbruckenhohle making this an excellent lead.

String Theory and Leaky Chamber rigging topo

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