Tunnocks - Stringfellows chamber and connecting to Usual Suspects

Thu 05 Aug 2010
Becka Lawson

Neil re-rigged Sting Theory, re-doing the pitch head bolts and extra bolt and then added another spit whilst Julian and I surveyed down then we surveyed Stringfellows chamber where Neil found a good drafting pit. He put the initial bolts into it but we only had a short rope so then he went up the 3m to swing into the obvious rift at the bottom of String Theory to get to The Straight Choice and then he rigged the 25m pitch down to the Usual Suspects (at first I was worried we'd found yet another huge pitch but no...). Finished the survey to tie into an old station. Wondered around the chamber to check out our old bivy from when we got trapped last year then out to bed, a fine trip.

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    Tunnocks - Stringfellows chamber and connecting to Usual Suspects