Schneehuhnhöhle, Alfenjagdhöhle - Schneehuhnhöhle, Alfenjagdhöhle

Tue 28 Jul 2009
Martin Jahnke

Off to our usual early start (after sitting out the rain) we were joined by Gareth who had just returned from KAninchenhöhle. Gareth and Frank started to survey Kopflose-Gemse-höhle and connect the surveys on the surface while I bolted Schneehuhnhöhle. Trusting out naturals I set a deviation and a rebelay below in very shattered rock, hoping that it lasts for one trip At the bottom several small streams and trickles enter a very large chamber with a thin rock roof and an ice plug in the bottom. The only way on is at the end of a boulder slop at the lowest point of the chamber. A tiny 40x50cm window down mud led to a small chamber with no way on. My new enthusiasm for digging led me to excavate boulders at the far wall and quickly another chamber could be crawled into with two ways on: one to the left which is a collapsed aven (dead end) and what looks like a horizontal passage ahead (not entered). I then (5:30) remembered that we had a 6pm callout so Frank rushed off and cancelled it just in time (5:57). Huh! We'll be back to survey this. And the crawls below are drafting inwards! Maybe to Tunnocks?


T/U 3 hrs

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    Schneehuhnhöhle, Alfenjagdhöhle - Schneehuhnhöhle, Alfenjagdhöhle