258 - Maximum Pleasure leads in Tunnockschacht

Mon 13 Aug 2007
Becka Lawson

Off down to the MP/Flying High junction and surveyed the walking passage on the right (after ticking off a QM just before Dubious Pleasure). This was fine, roomy walking passage. A large passage underneath linked back to the main Maximum Pleasure passage. Our passage went in fine style to a large aven with a smallish passage … with snow … and pine cones and leaves … I got really excited by the potential of an entrance which Martin was perplexed by, since I'd been unimpressed by all the old stal that he'd been getting excited about. We kept surveying past the aven and then it headed up a ramp & gradually became smaller and less exciting before we left it at a c2 in a drippy aven. I checked the snowy passage at the aven; it was small & headed up steeply but the snow was rotten with holes in and it looked a bit dodgy so we left it. We then went back to the MP/Flying High junction & did a QMA near to it, on the left. This headed down steeply to a chamber with large lumps of flowstone. It was really drafty and we were too cold to face more so we headed out.

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