258 - South Tunnocks (Pantin Sales Pitch)

Mon 13 Aug 2007
Ollie Stevens

Another trip involving ping-ponging to and fro from the North & South of Tunnocks. Went North to derig traverse past scree slope & commandeer rope. Returned through Sauerkraut, surveyed 06-31A which turned out to be an exceptionally smooth p30 duly named the Pantin Sales Pitch. Checked out little horizontal passage to left which didn't go, and then dropped the next pitch, yet unnamed, which surveyed to about 45m. Exciting to find that we had been standing on a wedged pile of boulders suspended above an airy rift. Single hang & backup got us to bottom where it choked. Very likely way on (marked QMB) by traversing around to right into spacious rift ~15m down the p45. Ollie suffered a bout of the keenness so we went back north to meet Becka and Martin who were on their way out and survey continuation of Flying High. Didn't manage very much (~30m) before Aaron had had about enough. Avoiding stals / pretties while maintaining our precarious position high in the rift while surveying involved a form of Vedic Levitation. Rift got smoother & wider; looks like next trip will need to drop down to (easily walkable) rift floor & climb up again shortly. Blows a gale in there though.

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