More horizontal cave

Thu 09 Aug 2007

Back to bag some more horizontal cave, despite having to walk back down (Wook). All underground by 9.30. 1hr to pushing front. Off resolutely North, past some very fine pretties for Austria. Then chamber with pitch below and choice of A-leads. Took northerly one - soily passage, then rift chamber, then descending phreatic, past a tricky c3 up into soily, wide place with passages down ahead and on right (draughting towards us). Another off on L, draughting away. Main lead down terminated at a clean aven & 4m passage blocked by soil choke. Crawls continue. Air probably goes up aven.

Lead on R from soily place in huge passage almost full of soil. Strong draught, goes to smallish aven then peters out in steeply ascending tubes. Aven may be climable.

Lead on L goes only about 30m to pitch.

So went back to major lead at pitch chamber. Passage ascending at consistent 23°ress; to East. Ollie came to join us as we started up here & did a bit of ferreting. Did about 100m of this before Wook had to start long journey home. Others continued, determined to clock up at least 500m.

Passage was up to 1825m (60m below entrance). Wook out in a little over an hour, just in time to get thunderstormed on along with Jon and Morven (who had no cags & got soaked to skin).

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