Photo, Rig, survey, push in Tunnocks

Wed 08 Aug 2007

Andrew took photo gear, Wook took tackle & rigging gear, Becka took survey gear. Went in to far end to rig traverse over '17s rattle,' via a couple of metres of entrance ice.

Andrew rigged traverse and we threw lots of big rocks, reckoning main pitch to be 45m with prob another similar below. Traverse just led to other views down pitches. Not clear if all three holes are same pitch or not. Put in a couple more spits to tidy rig, surveyed & went back to lead below climb up to cobble pile. Pitch down but c3 into passage went about 50m to another large pitch.

Big draught.

Next went to horizontal QM N of cobble pile. This was nice & flat. Andrew left for 2nd photo trip of day in 82. Becka & Wookey surveyed over 250m of stonking passage "Rhubarb Crumbly". Exceptionally fine trip - lots of QM's. Eventually gave up, utterly sated by too many QMs - chamber with two going off E, NE, NW.

Laser surveying is the way forward -- but keep batts away from SAP.

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