1987-02 - Surface and Shaft

Tue 07 Aug 2007
Jenny Black

Walked up to Laser 0/5 and had a look for 1987-02. Scrambled up the hill for a way and didn't see any horizontal entrances. Got fairly near the crest of the ridge, so headed back down by a different route. Olly spotted a draughting out shaft which we numbered 2007-7[MISSING], GPS[MISSING]. Carried on down and got to a hidden valley with a low horizontal entrance with a HUGE out draft. Walked inside and got some big passage going straight on and right, both of which led to pitches. Reading the old logbook suggests this must be 1987-02 (from the U/G and entrance location descriptions).

Surface surveyed this to Laser 0/5/

Oh, in the morning had a look at another new entrance (that has probably been seen before). Collapsed valley entrance with a couple of leads, one might go but not without an oversuit & kneepads. Second lead is a crawling / stooping phreatic passage for ~10m till it chokes. This is 2007-7[MISSING] GPS[MISSING]

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