Rigging Tunnockschacht

Sat 04 Aug 2007
Becka Lawson

Neither of us had been before but the magic of GPS and a good set of cairns got us to the entrance. John then whinged all the way down the entrance pitch about rubs. I just thought he was seeing some standard CUCC rigging but as I went down it went rub, twang, rub along with a hail of loose rocks. On the way out we realized that some of the problem were that the snow level was way down on last year‚ but we'd also not been warned about the three rope protectors needed. After that comes a small sloping crawl. Should I take the tacklesack? Asks John. No, it's OK if you just roll it ahead says I. Oh no - you OK? Er, do you want to go check out this QMC down this little shaft? Fortunately John could get down & reported it kept going as a QM B‚ and fetched the tacklesack. We then looked at 06-19A which looked an excellent lead. After some gardening there was no time left to survey so nosed around the rest of the passage there and then out. Be a lovely cave if someone with a drill rigged the entrance more creatively.

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