204 - Convenience Series

Wed 25 Jul 2007
Nial Peters

Once again we returned to the Convenience Series hoping to find further horizontal passage. Kathryn and I were first down and started by bolting the short pitch down from "Now Wash Your Hands". When Pete and Edvin turned up we sent them to investigate a QM back from the pitch head. This turned out to connect into the cave we were about to push and how now been named "Shit Chute".

Meanwhile Kathryn and I finished descending the pitch and found large horizontal passages leading off. All of these ended in large pitches which we did not have the rope to descend. One pitch was descended entirely on naturals (and a deviation using the donkey's dick on the tackle sack). This led to a large passage filled with boulders. It rapidly became too steep to descend (and looked horrendous to rig anyway).

I began to bolt another pitch but decided hand bolting it would take too long. Instead we left the new passage (now named "Engaged") and returned to "Out Of Order Rift" to look at a small QM "Urinal Cakes". After ~30m of tight rift this led into a chamber with lots of vertical leads heading off. The chamber, now called "Indecent Exposure", also had one horizontal lead which we pushed for 20m until it ended in a small chamber.

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