204 - More Pitches in Great Oak + Cave Tree

Fri 21 Jul 2006

Decided to split into two partied. Tom + I went to the pitch series off Great Oak (QM 00-29 D) now christened "Riverdance", while Mark + Aaron went to Cave Tree Chamber to bolt the pitch there + see if it goes anywhere.

In Riverdance, one more bolt gave a Y-hang down a 9m pitch, then another Y-hang led to a 6m pitch. Here there is yet another pitch with 1 1/4 bolts in it at present.

After getting this far we opted to go back up to the last survey marker + survey back down, as I couldn't work out how to survey awkward pitches upwards. Five legs got us to the pushing front, but when I got to a dry point + started to sketch I realised there were some rather weird legs. Cursed loudly. While prussiking out we worked out between us that the first two compass readings and been read from the wrong scale and were effectively reversed. After checking Mark was still alive I went back down to make a proper sketch + Tom headed out. Got to surface to find it was raining slightly - yay! water to drink!

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