76 - Loser Plateau - Final Carry and 76 caving

Fri 21 Jul 2006

Carry up the final bag in the morning. Took our time because our bags were heavy and Olly was suffering with a cold or hayfever. By the time we got to the bivi Olly wasn't feeling well + needed to patch his oversuit, so I went down 76 to rig the first 30m rope. Initially more snow than before - pretty ice round the walls in the entrance passage. Had to clear snow out the way to find the 2nd bolt + worried that things would become very tedious... Large snow slope to head of Draft Bitter (which is nice cos it holds the loose rocks in place), but below this considerably less snow. The top snow plug was only ~1/4 there and the second not at all. So the rigging spirals round the side somewhat unnecessarily this year! Came back out when the rope ran out.

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    76 - Loser Plateau - Final Carry and 76 caving
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