Loser Plateau - Surface prospecting near Hauchhöhle

Sun 01 Aug 2004

Mark arrives at the stone bridge previous night, claiming thousands of new really good caves near Hauchhöhle, maybe doing important link of 204->161/elsewhere. Much amazement ensues.

1st Aug sees motley crüe going to look @ said holes, who then find most of them go ~3m.

Further exploration found large fault with a few caves of slight biggerness. Minging through trip found (minging whilst in surface clothes) and a promising lead or two also noted.

When finally changed into cave gear, one of these leads was surveyed (2004-14), bolted and photographed. At this point rumbling from the heavens stopped play.

Sheltering in the through trip cave, a small crawl was found (and later this cave was surveyed by Olly & Frank (2004-15), and crawl gets too tight).

Boredom set in, leading to a desperate flight across the plateau in the Donner + Blitzen, which was very silly.

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