Base Camp - Searching for an Alm (Abridged) (Olly's Pissed Rant)

Sat 09 Aug 2003
Olly Madge

Once upon a time two cavers got pissed. "Wouldn't it be a good idea to walk up a hill which we have no idea where it is or what it's called?" said Mark. "Um. Gurgle gurgle hic hic" said Olly. And it came to pass that we did awake the next morning ato the scorch of the sun and the scurry of ants, and after recovering from the previous night's excesses we needed something to take our minds off the dawning headaches. And with a vague recollection of the previous night's conversation, a compass bearing and a map kindly lent by Hilde we set off on what would become an epic journey (and writeup - see previous). Caving is shit. Getting lost in a wood is worse. We walked for fucking ages, took a few pictures and buggered off into the fading light. It got dark. Fucking light. Bollocks. We got lost. Mark had locked our potential rescuers out of the spud hut. Bollocks! But we finally made it. (You probably guessed, dead people rarely write pissed rants in the log book.) Gösser is good stuff. Drink more! 2 crates and less than 2 days. Well, I've done my bit tonight. Wonder what comments Mark will make to this. Winning the beer tally (Mark) bastard! On the spot Gösser fines for limo aren't clearing it fast enough. This was supposed to be abridged and it fucking is! Stop complaining you cunts. Mark's is fucking pages long. You could have stopped reading it if you were bored. Frank goes to bed. Fucking lightweight. Gösser braumeister says fuck off!

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    Base Camp - Searching for an Alm (Abridged) (Olly's Pissed Rant)