Loser Plateau - Back on surface

Tue 06 Aug 2002

Ol's foot still poorly in welly so took gear back up to yesterday's caves to survey + finish off / push. Ol found one about 8m off the L of the path, shortly after leaving 40s before steep section past 40f. Unobvious slot entrance looks choked but in fact can be climbed donw 7m to look into largish chamber (~6m across). Needs rope for descent. Did sketch survey, put in tag/rig bolt + GPSsed as 02-OB-01. Photoed ent + approach view, then carried to what we were supposed to be doing.

88F + 230 Ol went and found these two and tagged them whilst Wook was faffing down 234.

234: Down again. Took ages due to solo surveying down pitch after Ol had gone. Then dropped through tight slot after moving a rock - quite exciting as a little committing. Inside large snow slope with 3 avens. Choked at far end. Surveyed as far as possible on own. Pitch off to one side needed Ol down to pass me more rope. Also now able to measure chamber with someone to tape. Pitch went ~8m down past ice to a choke. Off out. Now started raining properly; hid in bivi site opposite 163 for half an hour before heading back to bivi + down hill.

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