40 - Eishöhle, Mission Impossible

Sun 04 Aug 2002

Shedloads of gear: 98m rope for connecting down rift plus drill + battery, 2 more bags of rope + small bag of food + rigging gear. Far too much shit for 2. Oh yes, and 20m of hosepipe! Put hose into sump and with some difficulty set it siphoning down big MI pitch. Then on + up, rerigging last ramp above "for down". Fonally on up to last year's QMs at Crack of Doom.

Next went up to rope hanging out of roof. Ol shinned up & took off gear to try squeeze at top. Just got even more miserable beyond. Declared dead. Entertaining time reversing + derigging without leaving hangers behind. Ol succeeded in climbing back down at some risk to life + limb. Small rock knocked down speared a hole right through 10m bit lying at base!

Concluded that draught comes out of thin canyon in roof (as well as Crack of Doom). Went back to main rift where Ol dropped huge rock on his foot climbing back out. Whilst he retreated, Wook had a look up the ramp. Blind at the top but off to the right is a climb up a canyon. Too hard to solo but there is an easy "back way" which lets you look down several metres into a large canyon lower down. Difficult 5m climb down gets to shelf but rope needed to go further. Now definitely time for bed, so made our way out, finding that duck level had dropped ~10cm in 7hrs.

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    40 - Eishöhle, Mission Impossible